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Bred by Female Seeds, buy DeDutch is an indica-dominant cross of Kosher Kush; Candy Kush; Northern Lights; and Royal Cheese. It produces flavors of fresh flowers and herbs, reminiscent of lazy summer days.

If you’re currently considering cultivating cannabis yourself, you probably wonder where to begin. Surely, the first stage is selecting the location. Do you prefer cultivating outdoors or indoors? Do you want to cultivate only one plant or a few of them? Which strain do you need to purchase, and what equipment is necessary? We will explain it to you in our article.

When persons are considering cultivating their own cannabis plant for the first time, they usually start looking for articles on how to set up a successful operation. Although striving for success is a good thing, actually, cultivating cannabis for your own use doesn’t have to be a big deal. Just begin with one plant.

Varieties of marijuana

Cannabis is one of the only annual species to have two various sexes. That is, the plants are available in both male and female varieties, and sometimes even hermaphroditic species, which possess both male and female reproductive systems.

Moreover, three main species of cannabis:

– Indica: Quite short and broad greenish plant with round leaves, which have marble-like patterns. It offers a long-lasting, all-body high.

– Sativa: It can be very tall but rather thin, with more pointed leaves free from any patterns. It offers a tremendous cerebral high.

– Ruderalis: Not so popular than the other two. Little plants, used mainly for sewing clothes, etc.

Each of the above-mentioned varieties of cannabis has its own features when it comes to using it.

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