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Various Flavors

– Blue Dream
– Green Crack
– Head Band
– Jack Herer
– Lemon Haze
– Mango Haze
– Pear Herer
– Rebelution Cartridge
– Sour Diesel
– Sour Tsunami
– Strawberry Cough
– Train Wreck.

– Blackberry Kush
– Blueberry Kush
– Fire OG
– Golden Apple
– Grand Daddy Purple
– Grape Ape
– Grapefruit Kush
– OG Kush
– Raspberry kush
– Revolution cartridge Cali-O
– Sky walker
– True OG
– Vanilla kush.

– Banana Kush
– Bubble Gum
– Creamsicle
– Girl Scout Cookie
– Gorilla Glue
– Tangie
– Tropical Train Wreck
– White Widow.



Buy FLAVRX 1G Online

Buy FLAVRX 1G Online You can purchase a Black Label 500mg cartridge for $60 online. However, don’t assume the Double Black Label cartridge will get you more stoned than the other version. The Black Label cartridge we purchased had 71% THC, while there was a Double Black Label cartridge available from the same site for $50, but it contained 44% THC.

Buy Flavrx online also sells premium oils that are infused with buy referancedrug online. If you hate rolling joints, or else you suck at doing it, try Flav’s range of sticks and joints. These are extremely convenient options with an all-in-one design. They are pre-charged and filled with premium grade THC oil. Simply buy one and start vaping today. You can get joints with 300mg of THC and sticks with 500mg of THC.

Have you ever dropped a cartridge, picked it up, and fallen into a state of despair because it was broken with precious oils seeping out? If you are the clumsy type who drops stuff when stoned, try a Flav refillable, retractable pocket companion vaporizer buy ssdchemiclmaster online. The glass part of the cartridge retracts into the device’s metal shell to ensure it doesn’t get broken in falls or when subjected to pressure.

Flav seems to have thought of everything. Its POD range is made with all-in-one technology and is filled with ultra-refined cannabis oil. You can also buy POD refills to ensure you are never caught dry. Finally, in its vape range, Flav has collaborated with Rebulution, a reggae rock band in California, to release special vape cartridges in Cali-O and Sour Tsunami strains.

What About Flav’s Other Products?

Flav sells concentrates in the form of budder, premium dab distillate oil, and THCa Diamond Sauce. These concentrates are free from solvents, and some strains have up to 95% THC, so use carefully! buy dabstarstore online

The brand also takes the edibles market seriously. Its range of gummies comes in 13 flavors while its THC chocolate is a delicious way to get high. Flav also sells Sweet Creations, Snack Pouches, and powdered drinks packets.


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